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myDIGS FAQ/Knowledgebase

Everything you need to know when moving into a beautiful digs.

I am in Residence now and would like to move into digs. How do I go about it?

First thing to do would be to view the available listings on Pay careful attention to the details. Is water included? Pre-paid electricity? Is it furnished? All these details will be included in the listings. As soon as you find a suitable digs contact an agent immediately.

There are no digs that I am interested in now but I just want to get myself out there.

Add yourself to the Digslist which is connected to all the agents. You can add your name and requirements directly on and select which agent’s digslists you would like to be included on. The more effort you put into the form the more results you will receive.

I have not heard from an agent after putting my name on the digs list.

You will have received a DigsHunt ID number. Phone up an agent and quote your DigsHunt ID number and they will be able to pull up all your requirements immediately. An agent will contact you in the event of a digs becoming available that suits your criteria.

I have found a digs on!

Great! Now you need to close the deal, sign the lease and pay a deposit. As soon as you find a property on contact the agent immediately to secure a time to sign the lease. Most agents go by these simple rules:

1. Properties viewed on are available, however are let on a first come, first served basis.

2. Email agent for an appointment to view or click on contact agent on the respective property on this website.

3. Try and view a property with ALL tenants at once, ensuring you have all seen before lease is to be signed.

4. Prepare yourself, have set amount ready for a deposit – equivalent to 1 month’s rent.

5. Decide between your group moving in together, who will be signing the lease. Must be over 21.

6. The only way to secure a property is with a signed lease and full deposit in the agents account.

Upon signature of lease, have copies of all tenants ID’s; utility bill; all contact details of each parent.

I only want to rent a digs for a month, not a full year.

The best thing to do would be to contact an agent directly and ask if there are any properties available for short-term rent. In the case of university holidays the chance of available short-term rent is much higher than during the year. Often you may be able to rent a room in an occupied digs for a short-term.

I am attending summer school or writing a sup. What can I do?

The best option would be to rent a room in residence for that short time unless you know a friend in digs that you can make an arrangement. does not unfortunately manage ultra short-term accommodation.

I would like to rent a large digs with 3+ rooms but do not have anyone to move in with me?

This is where offers you which enables you to advertise your digs free-of-charge for other students to join you. It works both ways in which students who are looking to move into a single room in a digs can also browse as an alternative.

I want to move into a large digs and only rent a room in the house.

You can browse and find students looking for people to join their digs. Make sure that you meet the people before signing any contracts or leases and your requirements are met.

The digs that I want to move into is far from campus and I do not have a car or scooter/motorbike.

There are alternative options that offer a lift service like the popular RhodeTrip. Purchasing a bicycle will benefit you in many ways.